Fur Storage & Cleaning

Tips to keep your fur looking great:

  • Avoid storing your fur in a plastic bag; it is vital for a fur coat to have circulating airflow in order not to dry out the fur.
  • Be careful of odors like mothballs and cedar, fur easily absorbs any scent.
  • Body sprays, perfume and hairsprays should never be sprayed directly on the fur; the alcohol content can dry out the fine hairs creating a stiffening effect.
  • If you have a rip in your fur, it should be mended immediately with our fur coat repair services to avoid an increase in the tear ( and an even more costly repair!)
  • If your fur becomes wet, hang in a well-ventilated area to fully dry.
  • Regular cleanings remove dirt and oil with our conditioning maintenance will help fur remain in the best possible condition.
  • Always be sure to store your fur in cold storage. Proper climate control is vital for the longevity of your fur.



We take detailed care of your fur

  • Yearly, professional fur coat cleaning and glazing to fully remove and condition any residue of dirt dust and odors. 
  • Professional and intricate fur alterations using equipment designed specifically for fur repair.
  • Climate- controlled fur storage vault to maintain and prolong the life of your fur coat.

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