Fur and Quilted Leather Vests

Turn heads this winter as a fur vest vixen. Our Fur & Quilted Leather Vests are always a fashion classic.


Restyle Your Fur can make a customized mink vest from new material or we can alter an old fur into one for you. Whether new or altered, our mink vests are always fashion-forward and affordable! Our Fur Remodeling experts can take any of your furs and transform them into vests after today’s fashions.


Bring elegance to your wardrobe with our Mink Vest with Knit Side Panels & Quilted Leather Back. It is an excellent pick to keep you warm this winter. With our cuztomization and personalized styles, the choice is up to you for your new vest.


Restyle Your Fur Will customize your vest, be it a mink vest, mink fur vest, or any other fur vest you like. We have over 50 different leather color choices to pick from. Our styles for the traditional fur vest and mink vest are always fashion-savvy picks, and are quite economically friendly. Check out your options, before it gets too cold outside!

Fur & Quilted Leather Back Vest

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Fur & Quilted Leather Vest with Knit Side Panels

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