Fur and Cashmere Vests

When it comes to fur, vests are always very popular. Come to Restyle Your Fur for your new or remodeled Fur & Cashmere Vests. You can order a new customized vest, or we can alter an old fur into one for you. Our styles for the fur vest and mink vest are always fashion- savvy picks and are very affordable.


The Persian Lamb & Cashmere Vest with Belt is an excellent choice in fur and cut. Sporting the best styles of today, this beauty of a vest is a great addition to any closet. Our fur restyling experts can take your old fashioned mink vest or fur vest and put this modern spin on it.


The Diagonal Front & Back Vest is a beautiful style choice for your next fur vest. The smooth cashmere side panels really turn up the style on this vest.


Choose Restyle Your Fur for your vest styles. Our remodeled versions of your favorite fur will be your statement pieces this winter. If you can no longer fit into an older garment, our alterations are quick and precise. In addition to sizing alterations, our restylers cover fur wear and tear to make your fur look new again!


When ordering Fur Remodeling, keep in mind that our fur & cashmere vests can be made in any length and size.

Fur Vest with Cashmere Back and Belt

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Diagonal Front & Back Fur Vest with Cashmere Side Panels

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