Fur Care

Fur Alterations & Repairs

Fur Alterations & Repairs

Fur is perhaps the most versatile fabric that anyone can ever own. In fact, it is one of the few fabrics that can be taken apart and restyled in whichever way is needed.


Fur alterations and fur repair are what we excel at here at Restyle Your Fur!


Maybe you received a fur coat as a gift or it was passed down to you – the reason doesn’t matter. If you haven’t been able to use it because it doesn’t fit well, you don’t like the old style, or it’s ripped, don’t let the coat gather dust at the back of your closet.


Pull it out today and let us help you restyle it into something that you like.


Fur coat repair can take care of those rips and tears and create a brand new fur coat for you to use. We can even put in a new lining, if you like.


Fur coat alterations let us downsize or enlarge to custom specifications which can include shortening or lengthening the sleeves as well as the entire coat.


Fur coat alterations will update and redesign your furs to suit today’s trends, while fur coat repair will give you a great reason to start using your coat again. Restyle Your Fur also offers storage services to store your fur coats away once the season is over.


Fur Storage & Cleaning

Fur Storage & Cleaning

Are you looking for a great way to store your furs or have them cleaned? We know it can be a bit inconvenient to safely stow away those exclusive fur coats, vests, and accessories, when you’re not using them.


However, you can always store your items at our high-tech and refrigerated storage vault, perfect for leather, suede, and fur garments that are your prized possessions. Most storage vaults don’t have the refrigeration option; they are only air-conditioned, which is not adequate at all.


These garments need colder temperature than air-condition is able to offer. Our vault also gives more control over the humidity levels, which air-conditioning doesn’t.


Cleaning and maintaining your fur garments is as crucial as storing them carefully. If you use your fur items regularly, you need to clean them once every year. If you don’t use them that often, they still require cleaning and glazing, but not as frequently – once every other year works well.


Cleaning will remove all the dust particles and add natural oils that will keep the fur’s skin moist. This is essential in ensuring a long life for your fur items. After the cleaning process, your garments will be pressed or glazed on huge rollers that will give your fur its sheen!


This cleaning and glazing process is recommended as it will keep the skin and hair on your fur healthy and slightly wet, just the way it’s supposed to be!