Hot tips for 2016-Fall restyles are in fashion!
2016-11-16 00:00:00

Fall is upon us and that means pumpkins, deep colors and the most amazing fashion. 


When the weather changes, the air takes on a quiet lonely feeling, like everyone and everything is taking a break. This is the time of year is when we ramp up for the cooler months, parties, family gatherings and those festive social events where connecting with friends is such a wonderful part of the season. 


Each year around this time, since it’s a little quiet before the hustle begins, it’s best to start by pulling down sweaters, scarves and boots to see what you can recycle or trend-up without too much investment. Display pending outfits on your bed and write note cards for the missing pieces that you want to buy. Next, take pictures on your phone to remind yourself what you really need, so when you’re out shopping, you will stay on task (it’s so easy to get off-task when shopping!). This fall some of the must-have items are as follows:




• Ankle boots

• Baroque jewelry

• A splash of anything velvet


But, the hottest staple piece for the season? A redesign of an old fur coat.

Like great shoes, when you add a fur piece to any outfit, it definitely bumps it up to a higher level on the fashion chart.


Shana recently contacted us for a complete fur restyling of her 1980’s coat. Shana told us her story, which is rich in detail and history, so we will share it with you (its such a fun story!). Shana has a specific event that she looks forward to every year. Each holiday season, she attends the Nutcracker Ballet. It’s a tradition for her and her girlfriends to get together to experience a holiday girl’s night out. They each wear their favorite dress, the highest heels they can handle, and put on their most fashionable ensemble.


The girls start by parking their car as far away as possible from their dinner destination, (or as far away as they feel their feet can handle in 5 inch heels!). The avenue stroll takes them back to a time before they had a car to drive, when they were high-school girls gazing at the storefronts, and dreaming about being all grown-up. They had the idealistic mindset that they would be able to buy whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, as if money was endless and bountiful.


In the 80’s Shana treated herself. There in the window was a mink fur coat she had been gazing at, for what seemed to be months, but in all likelihood was just a couple weeks. It was full length, had puffy sleeves, and it was grandiose in every shape and form, akin to the hairstyle of the time. The day she finally bought it she felt she had arrived. Shana wore it whenever and wherever she could. The coat made her feel beautiful and adult-like when she slipped it on. Years have gone by, and she said she misses that feeling, because now it just sits there, enticing her to wear it, but it doesn't fit-in with her fashion style of today. 


This year, she decided it's time to make her night at the ballet come true in perfect form. So she called us and we were thrilled. In our first call she was completely transparent, I recall her saying “I have no idea what to do to restyle my fur coat and to be honest, I didn’t even know that fur coat restyling existed until someone at my husband’s office told me about you”.


Our creative team went over all the options with her and showed her photo references of the styles we have created for people like Shana, trapped in a state of ‘fur confusion’. At this very moment, her 1980's puffy-sleeved wonder is getting restyled into a versatile fur cape, containing the most beautiful jeweled clasp.


In addition to the cape, we are making mink teddy bears that she is giving as a surprise to her girlfriends for Christmas. After all, they were the ones who listened endlessly about this coat she saw in the window many years back. She said she’s confident that they don’t even know that anyone can make teddy bears from fur coats; it’s such a unique idea. I told her to take pictures; we would love to see their reaction when they receive this thoughtful gift.


Shana is finally getting the look she’s dreamed of. I applaud her for not allowing another year to drift by missing out on beautiful memories and great photo opportunities. This new cape is timeless and classic, so when she plans her fall looks for years to come, it will be a staple in her wardrobe.

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